Product and Design Development Laboratory

3D printer technology (layer by layer and holographic based manufacturing) will be one of the future technology that shaping the new world.

The Product Design and Development Laboratory is a laboratory that facilitates students to increase their understanding of product design and development, including innovation with push and market pull technology approaches. This laboratory is used for practicum activities for students in subjects related to product design and development, research carried out by lecturers and students, and supporting competition activities carried out by students of DTMI. In addition, this laboratory also supports DTMI to collaborate with certain agencies, one of which is the Bandung Ceramic Center (Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia) which is associated with the innovation of pottery and ceramics SMEs in Bantul.

The facilities in this laboratory are design and prototype facilities. The design facilities are in the form of a PC Viewing Tool, PC Design Toolkit, and CAD software, while the prototyping facilities are in the form of a 3D printer, 3D scanner, CNC machine, plastic injection molding, metal saw cutting, ball milling machines, and others. In addition, this laboratory also has several research support rooms, such as a design studio room, a prototyping room, a bioceramics minifactory, and a residency room.

Laboratory Staff