Head of Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ir. Harwin Saptoadi, M.SE., IPM., ASEAN Eng.

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Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering is devoted at improving capability in thinking, conducting research, knowledge advancedment and self development skills of the graduates. Upon the completion of the program, graduates are expected advance the implementation of the obtained knowledge of mechanical engineering in their careers as researchers, teaching staffs, or expert on mechanical engineering.

The Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering is a doctor’s degree by research in which the PhD students are required to attend specific courses, ranging from 12 up to 20 credits set by a research adviser and committee to help the students better understand their research topics. Students are expected to complete both coursework and research requiring 3 years. Students with an master’s degree in engineering or science can be admitted into the doctoral program.

This program offers the fields of study as follows :

  • Energy Conversion
  • Engineering Materials
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Manufacturing
  • Biomedical Engineering