Department Profile

DTMI FT UGM is a reputable department at the national level and has Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Study Programs in the fields of Mechanical Engineering (TM) and Industrial Engineering (IT). The field of Mechanical Engineering is related to the design of mechanical and thermal systems based on the principles of physics, mathematics and materials science while Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering that studies the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems which can be in the form of equipment, materials, processes, information, finance and humans.


Research and innovation is the DNA of DTMI UGM. Our lecturers are experts in their respective fields. Various research results from DTMI lecturers have been published in various international and national journals and received good recognition. Not only that, the research and innovation that we carry out has also been widely applied in various industries, policies, and community empowerment.

Student Activities

DTMI encourages and facilitates students to develop themselves outside of academic activities. Various activities that students can take part in include student organizations, student exchanges, MBKM, and innovation competitions at national and international levels.

Doctoral Study Program in Mechanical Engineering


DTMI In Numbers

DTMI is committed to preparing future Indonesian leaders and Professionals and Innovation Researchers both locally and internationally.

Number of students