Vibration and acoustics are an integral part of many mechanical systems such as engineered devices and structures designed for extreme environments (ocean, atmosphere and space, seismically active regions). Since vibration and sound influence the design and performance, efforts are made to control these negative influences using computational and experimental methods. Research topics conducted in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering are as follows :

  • Structural acoustics
  • Structural dynamics and control
  • Linear and nonlinear vibrations
  • Noise control
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Phononic material design

Selected Publications

  • Kusumaningtyas, Yordaniansyah, T.A. Purwanto. Acoustical properties of petung bamboo for the top plate of guitars. Applied Acoustics (2016)112:123-130.
  • Kusumaningtyas, A.J.G. Nuttall, G. Lodewijks. Dynamics of multiple-drive belt conveyors during starting. Applied Mechanics and Materials (2016)842:141-146.
  • K.Gede Sugita, R. Soekrisno, I.M. Miasa, Suyitno. Mechanical and damping properties of silicon bronze alloys for music applications. International Journal of Engineering & Technology (2011)11(6)81-85.