Quality and Reliability Engineering Laboratory

The Quality and Reliability Engineering Laboratory is a laboratory that facilitates students for research in various fields, including quality control, industrial engineering statistics, maintenance management, reliability engineering, quality engineering, and maintenance management systems. Research in this laboratory focuses on innovative methodologies that are tailored to the challenges of today’s industries, such as high-tech, high-volume, high-yield, and data-intensive. Some examples of research topics that have been carried out are:

  1. Quality Improvement to Reduce Defect Using Six Sigma with DMAIC Method
  2. Quality Control Analysis by Total Quality Management to Minimize Defect with 7 Improvement Steps Method

This laboratory is facilitated with quality checking facilities, such as a micrometer screw gauge and vernier caliper, as well as computers with Intel Core i5 and Windows 7 Genuine processors, equipped with the latest licensed software, such as Flexim and Minitab.

Laboratory Staff