Research topics in manufacturing deal with design and development of manufacturing systems, processes, machines, tools, materials and equipments. Research topics in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering include the followings :

• Advanced machining processes
• Micromachining and processing
• Precision manufacturing, measurement and metrology
• Laser technology
• Robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing automation
• Computer integrated manufacturing systems
• Rapid prototyping
• Forming technology

Selected Publications
• M. Mahardika, G.S. Prihandana, T. Endo, T. Tsujimoto, N. Matsumoto, B. Arifvianto, K. Mitsui. The parameters evaluation and optimization of polycrystalline diamond micro-electrodischarge machining assisted by electrode tool vibration. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2012),60(9-12),985-993.
• M. Mahardika, G. S. Prihandana, K. Mitsui. Precision machining by discharge pulse counting methods in micro EDM processes. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (2012)26(11):3597-3603.
• G. S. Prihandana, M. Mahardika, M. Hamdi, K. Mitsui. Effect of low-frequency vibration on workpiece in EDM processes. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, (2011),25(5),1231-1234.

• A.E.Tontowi, I.S.Dwi, J.Triyono. Study on Layered Photo Composite of Hydroxyapatite-Bioplastic-Camphorquinone Composed by Response Surface Method. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 10(13),32951-32958.