The Professor Of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Sutrisno, Passed Away at Age 67

The Professor of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada, Prof. Ir. Sutrisno, MSME, PhD., IPM., ASEAN Eng. of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering passed away on Wednesday (11/05) at JIH Yogyakarta at 14.45 at the age of 67 years old.

Prof. Sutrisno was born in Yogyakarta on August 8, 1954. Starting his career as a lecturer at Faculty of Engineering since March 1, 1981, he got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at UGM in 1980. His Master’s degree was achieved at University of Colorado Boulder, USA, in 1985. He finished his doctoral degree at University Colorado Boulder, USA, in 1989. His enormous service as a lecturer for at least 40 years at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering can be proved with various awards, certificates, and merits that was bestowed on him, one of them being awarded as exemplary lecturer in 1991 by the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia.

The late Prof. Sutrisno left behind a wife, Dra. Endang Tripurwaningsih and 6 children. In all his life, he has given a tremendous contribution in the field of mechanical engineering and a great commitment towards the Faculty of Engineering UGM and his nation. Faculty of Engineering UGM Professor’s speech in 2020 delivered by him titled “Prospek Pengembangan Teknologi Pertahanan dan Energi di Indonesia” became one of his contributions to help the government in solving problems related to field work, energy, and defense.

Farewell, Prof. Sutrisno, thank you for your contributions and thoughts, as they will always be remembered as a valuable legacy for the Faculty of Engineering and Indonesia.

PR of DTMI | May 2022