29 Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Postgraduate Students Granted Master Degree

In total of 979 postgraduate students were granted the degree of Master by the rector of UGM on Wednesday (26/1). Wisuda Program Pascasarjana Periode II Tahun Akademik 2021/2022 at Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP) UGM was attended by 125 graduates onsite along with their families and 854 graduates online.

In this period’s graduation ceremony, the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has granted the degree of Master for 29 graduates which consists of 20 graduates of Mechanical Engineering Master Program and 9 graduates of Industrial Engineering Master Program. The highest GPA was achieved by Mechanical Engineering Master Program graduate Andhika Satria Pratama with 3,98 GPA and Industrial Engineering Master Program graduate Rian Febrianto with 3,93 GPA.

Rector of UGM, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., IPU, ASEAN Eng., stated that today’s graduates had become a part of UGM alumni in a unique way, since most of the studying activities and graduation process were done in the midst of the pandemic. He also delivered a message to all of the graduates for never stop learning, especially in the midst of this hyper-changing era. Therefore, UGM graduates are expected to continue developing and becoming the best version of themselves in the midst of nowadays’ competition. The current condition provides the right momentum for the younger generations to show their potential and to provide concrete solutions for  various problems faced by both the nation and the world, meaning that UGM graduates are also expected to be able to take part in both efforts to overcome the pandemic and to bring Indonesia to move in a faster pace and compete on the world stage.

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PR of DTMI | January 2022

Postgraduate Program 2022 Graduation Ceremony Youtube Video

7 Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM Lecturers Listed in Indonesia’s 5000 Best Scientists

In total of seven lecturers of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM have been included into the category of Indonesia’s 5000 AD Scientific Index best scientists version 1 of the year 2022. AD Scientific Index ( is an indexer that utilizes the last 5 years’ h-index, i10-index, and citation score numbers in Google Scholar. The data collected from Google Scholar would then be placed in groups based on subjects, regions, countries, and institutions. The seven lecturers included into the category are:

  1. Ir. Bertha Maya Shopa, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN.Eng. (1951)
  2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Harwin Saptoadi, M.SE., IPM. ASEAN Eng. (2789)
  3. Dr. Ir. Kusmono, S.T., M.T., IPM (2989)
  4. Prof. Ir. Alva Edy Tontowi, M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN.Eng. (3581)
  5. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ir. Deendarlianto, S.T., M.Eng. (4035)
  6. Ir.Muslim Mahardika, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng. (351)
  7. Dr.Eng. Ir.Titis Wijayanto, S.T., M.Des., IPM., ASEAN Eng. (4273)

Congratulations for this outstanding achievement. May the knowledge resulted from the research carries economic values and benefit for the people.

PR of DTMI | January 2022

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department UGM x Deakin University in Battling The Spread Of Covid-19-related “Fake News”

During the Covid-19 pandemic era, a massive flow of information related to the disease has been consistently coming up and getting spread out amongst the public. Unfortunately, some of the information received by the public is inaccurate, unreliable, and can even be identified as “fake news”. Therefore, a method to identify the fake news related to Covid-19 is urgently needed, especially for identifying multilingual news. Sadly, the existing method to identify the fake news is still too general to identify the Covid-19-related fake news in multilingual news. The failure in identifying and intervening the spreading of the multilingual Covid-19-related fake news could easily cause public’s disbelief and misguided behaviours such as panic buying, disobedience towards the health protocol, and even rejecting the Covid-19 test and vaccination.

In response to the urgency, the research team of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM in collaboration with the research team of Deakin University, Australia funded by Study Melbourne Research Partnership, consisting of Dr. Hilya Mudrika Arini (UGM), Dr. Titis Wijayanto (UGM), Dr. Yun Prihantina (UGM), Dr. Achmad Pratama Rifai (UGM), Assoc. Prof. Xiao Liu, (Deakin University), and Assoc. Prof. Jianxin Li (Deakin University), would conduct an online survey towards 1.500 Indonesian and Australian citizens with different generational cohorts (including the Baby Boomers, the Millennials, and the Gen Z’s) from selected cities and towns to classify each individual based on their characteristics in trusting and processing Covid-19 pandemic-related information. The survey was also designed to identify and analyse people’s online behavioural characteristics regarding the news spreading and to help determining which group is the most susceptible to the fake news. In this research, the researchers would also collect multilingual dataset for Covid-19-related fake news spreading in Indonesia and Australia and develop an effective multilingual Covid-19-related fake news detection model. The result of this study is expected to help the government in the policy-making process to control the spread of Covid-19-related fake news.

PR of DTMI | January 2022

UGM Inaugurates New Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Eng. Ir. Deendarlianto, S.T., M.Eng., a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering UGM, was titled a Professor in Mechanical Engineering on Thursday (9/12) at the Senate Hall, UGM Central Building. Prof. Deendarlianto presented an inaugural speech titled “Multiphase Flow Scientific and Technological Innovation for Strengthening National Energy, Environment, and Food Sovereignty” at the Professor’s inauguration ceremony.

You can watch the inauguration speech at

Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., IPU, ASEAN Eng, UGM Chancellor, stated at the end of the Professor Inauguration event that Prof. Deendarlianto became one of 353 active professors at UGM and one of 50 professors at the UGM Faculty of Engineering. Congratulations on Prof. Deendarlianto’s Inauguration of Professors, achievements, and best achievements in the academic sector. Congratulations to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering on its future success and prosperity in the future, and more community benefits.

RINTEK 2021 Ministry of Industry Award is given to two DTMI lecturers.

Dr. Eng. Adhika Widyaparaga, S.T., M. Biomed.E. and Ir. Andi Sudiarso, ST, MT, M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM, (DTMI Lecturers) received the 2021 RINTEK award. The award was presented by the Minister of Industry at a series of events for the 2021 Industrial Technology Pioneer award on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), Jakarta. Since 2006, the Ministry of Industry has presented an annual RINTEK award. This activity has been held every two years on even-numbered years since 2012. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 RINTEK Award activities were postponed until 2021. This award is given each year to national industry players and researchers who are dedicated and committed to producing innovation via independent research and innovation to boost productivity and global competitiveness in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 age. The RINTEK 2021 award is meant to stimulate national industry players to improve their business performance via high-value industrial technology research, development, and engineering activities.

Butimo batik machine founder Ir. Andi Sudiarso, S.T., M.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM This technology may reduce the time required for the manual batik process from 6 hours to 3 hours. Meanwhile, Dr. Eng. Adhika Widyaparaga, S.T., M. Biomed.E. is a pioneer in the development of ventilator equipment for Covid-19 patients.

Congratulations to Mr. Adhika and Mr. Andi Sudiarso; hopefully, they may continue to work and contribute to industrial technology research, development, and engineering.

Undergraduate Graduation Period November 2021

On Wednesday (24/11), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) held the graduation of the Bachelor and Diploma Programs online and partially offline at Grha Saba Pramana. 50 Bachelors of Engineering were graduated at DTMI’s Bachelor Program graduation ceremony for the November Period of the 2020/2021 Academic Year, consisting 37 Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and 13 Bachelors of Industrial Engineering. 4 graduates (Naufal Achmad Salma Alfarisi, Steven Abiel Yap, Alfikri Ikhsan, Christoforus Yacob Sianipar) achieved the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Program in the shortest period of time (3 years 11 months 15 days). The graduates (Eko Febri Julian, Ahmad Adham Nur Husaen) achieved the Industrial Engineering Bachelor Program in the shortest period of time(3 years 11 months 15 days) Erwin Firmansyah (21 years and 11 months) is the youngest Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering graduate, while Samuel Christian Haryanto is the youngest Bachelor of Industrial Engineering graduate (21 yrs 2 months) Erwin Firmansyah (3.77) had the highest GPA for the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program, while Evi Fortuna Alfaridzi had the top GPA for the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Study Program (3.80)

Congratulations to the 50 Engineering DTMI FT UGM Graduates for the November 2021 period. Hopefully, the knowledge gained would be good for the country and the nation.

Penghargaan Insan UGM berprestasi 2021

The UGM Achievement Person Award night event, on November 17, 2021, brings good news from DTMI Tendik and alumni who brought awards :

1. Nur Prabawa Hermawan, S.Pd.T. (best winner 1 inspirational practice in the field of inspirational laboratory assistant)
2. Rita Yulianti, S.IP. (best 2 winners in the field of inspiring librarian)
3. Sani Wicaksono, S.E. (the best 3 winners in the field of inspirational implementers in academic, student affairs and quality assurance)
4. Heru Sutantyo, S.T. (winner of outstanding young alumni, Industrial Engineering alumni 2004)

Congratulations and success on your hard work and achievement; hopefully, you can inspire each other.

PTM Terkendali UGM

On Monday, October 18, 2021, UGM started Face-to-Face Controlled Learning (PTM). DTMI received a visit from UGM Chancellor, Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng., IPU, ASEAN Eng, to evaluate the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering’s readiness to conduct UGM controlled PTM.

PTM, which uses a blended learning system, is expected to continue to prioritize health protocols so that students can get an optimal learning experience includes both health and safety.

So, are you ready to participate in the blended learning?

SIGAP-Merapi Adventure: A Volcanic Eruption Education Facility Based on Gamification

Dr. Hilya Mudrika Arini (DTMI), Dr. Tri Mulyani Sunarharum (DTAP), and Dr. Budi Hartono (DTMI) from Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Engineering developed SIGAP-Merapi Adventure, a disaster response simulation game, in partnership with Dr. Agnessa Spanellis from Heriot-Watt University. The Global Challenges Research Fund in the United Kingdom is funding this research and community service initiative, which is part of the Multi-Hazard Prediction and Disaster Response Management Research Project in Indonesia.

This research, as well as community service, is being carried out in order to assist developing countries in overcoming the genuine obstacles they face as a result of natural disasters, such as periodic volcanic eruptions. The goal of this study is to see if game-based learning can help communities plan for and respond to natural disasters, as well as enhance community resilience.

This game was created by the research team based on a case study in Argomulyo Village, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, which is adjacent to Mount Merapi. Interviews with Key Persons from village inhabitants, the Destana/DRR Forum, and BPBD DIY were conducted in order to plan out the current Merapi eruption evacuation education approach. Players can use this game to determine their disaster reaction behavior and learn about various evacuation techniques during emergency response situations. Players’ capacity is also put to the test when they are presented with a variety of crisis scenarios in order to save their village from a catastrophic volcanic eruption.

The following link will take you to the Play Store where you can download this game.

The Research Team intends to hold a Workshop at the end of September 2021 to: (1) disseminate the SIGAP Merapi Adventure Game to relevant stakeholders in Argomulyo Village and Sleman Regency, DIY; and (2) involve the Regional Government and relevant stakeholders in Sleman Regency and DIY Province in incorporating the SIGAP Merapi Adventure Game into related programs and policies. The findings of this study and community service are expected to benefit the larger community, and they may help to support the mainstreaming of national disaster preparedness measures.

A Simulation Model for Jakarta Flood Evacuation

The RESilient Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disaster Response via Operational Research (RESPOND-OR) research project, led by Lancaster University’s Centre for Transport and Logistics (CENTRAL), aims to solve challenges and improve natural disaster emergency preparedness and response. The RESPOND-OR project will provide a Decision Support System to help with decisions such as: I disaster relief supply allocation and distribution, ii) population evacuation, and iii) emergency response personnel scheduling and routing. The project, which is funded by the UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Global Challenge Research Fund (EPSRC/GCRF) program*, brings together a multinational, interdisciplinary research team from the United Kingdom (Lancaster University), Indonesia (Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Indonesia), and Sudan (Universitas Indonesia) (University of Khartoum). The research team is collaborating closely with important stakeholders from both Indonesia and Sudan who represent disaster management organizations. The National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), the Yogyakarta Special Region Disaster Management Agency (BPBD DIY), and the Humanitarian Forum Indonesia are the primary stakeholders in Indonesia (HFI). The goal is to make sure that the project deliverables are in line with the needs of the stakeholders.

The UGM team, which includes Bertha Maya Sopha, Ph.D., Hilya Mudrika Arini, Ph.D., and Sekar Sakti, M.Sc., is working on a simulation model to predict the evacuation time and number of evacuated residents (both aided and self-evacuated) for flood evacuation in Jakarta. Between October 2020 and March 2021, empirical data was collected and a conceptual model was developed. The initial iteration of simulation, which will be released in April 2021, will integrate agent-based modeling and discrete-event simulation. It replicates the evacuation of residents from their homes. Trucks and rubber boats are used to simulate actual response actions throughout the evacuation procedure. In June 2021, the initial simulation model was presented to BPNB and NGOs at a verification workshop. The simulation model can be used as an experimental tool to help better create a flood evacuation plan for Jakarta.

*) Grant number A103953.


Research team :