Bimasakti UGM Ready to Join 2022 Formula Student Netherlands

Bimasakti UGM held a Grand Launching for “Tim Bimasakti” racing car that will be competing at Formula Student Netherlands (FSN) on Monday (20/6). The competition would take place on July 9-14, 2022, at TT Assen Circuit, Netherlands. FSN is a competition which teams of students would test their skills on understanding, designing, composing, developing, and competing with formula-styled racing cars.

“Today marks the launch of the latest generation car designed by Bimasakti and the team’s send-off to the formula competition in the Netherlands. We appreciate the support from our partners and thank everyone who has guided this team” Dr. Suharyadi,  Director of Student Affairs UGM, said at the front yard of Balairung, UGM Yogyakarta, on Monday (20/6) as quoted from

Although the team was not aiming for the first place, Tim Bimasakti, after two years of preparation, would still do their best to present the best result for Indonesia. “We do not represent Bimasakti alone, but Indonesia,” stated by Aditya Maheranta , the Head of Bimasakti

Best of luck, Tim Bimasakti UGM! Do and achieve your best for Indonesia!

PR of DTMI | June 2022