Mechanical engineering UGM student win “ESPRIEX Business Model Contest 2017″

Yogyakarta – once paddle two three island were exceeded, is a proverb the suitable to describe the success of Arief Faqihudin mechanical engineering 2013 and team in winning the ESPRIEX Business Model Contest 2017 in Malang, East Java. They managed to become the first place in the business model competition by relying on the previous idea he had in Hongkong Asia Social Innovation award 2016 that is an innovation in health called COASS which is a platform that brings together a coas or co-assistant with his patients. ESPRIEX Business Model Contest is a business model competition canvas organized by Harvard University, Stanford University, and Brigham Young University as one of the regional selection for the bigger competition that is International Business Model Competition 2017 which will be held at Sillicon Valey, USA. read more

UGM Mechanical Engineering Student Winning Asia Social Innovation Awards 2016

Yogyakarta- Arief Faqihudin from Engineering 2013 ,together with his team, emerged as the 4th winner of the Asia Social Innovation Awards 2016. Asia Social Innovation Award 2016 was a competition held by Hong Kong Social Ventures which requires participants to innovate on social issues that occur in the country – countries in Asia. The background of the innovation that he created was one of the major social problems, namely dental health, research data conducted by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia revealed that 7 out of 10 Indonesian people have dental problems, not to mention the very expensive dental problems. That’s what prompted him to develop COASS which is a platform that provides assistance to bring together the koass with his patients. read more