Launching Posbindu DTMI 2019

2 Juli 2019

Pada Selasa, 2 Juli 2019 telah dilakukan Launching “Posbindu” sebagai fasilitas layanan kesehatan baru di Departemen Teknik Mesin dan Industri FT UGM. Sebagai fasilitas baru, layanan ini mencakup pemeriksaan kesehatan umum, mini klinik, dan konsultasi yang terbuka bagi seluruh warga masyarakat di lingkup DTMI FT UGM.

Pada acara launching tersebut, diadakan Pemeriksaan Kesehatan Gratis bagi seluruh Dosen dan Tenaga Pendidik di lingkungan Departemen Teknik Mesin dan Industri FT UGM. Pemeriksaan tersebut meliputi Pemeriksaan Fisik (berat badan, tinggi badan), tekanan darah, cek darah (gula darah, kolestrol, dan asam urat), serta konsultasi kesehatan. Acara ini cukup antusias diikuti oleh civitas akademika DTMI FT UGM.

Dalam sambutannya, Sekretaris Departemen, Dr. Fauzun berharap agar keberadaan Posbindu ini dapat dimanfaatkan secara optimal serta mendukung kinerja Dosen, Tendik, maupun Mahasiswa dalam proses belajar-mengajar sehari-hari. Diharapkan iklim dan lingkungan DTMI menjadi lebih sehat. Men sana in corpore sano – di dalam tubuh yang sehat terdapat jiwa yang kuat !!! (AIM/foto: Fzn)

Semar Team is ready to compete in Driver’s World Championship London

On the last day of Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2018 in Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore, Semar Team made a surprise. After competing with hundreds of other participants from various countries in Asia, Semar team succeeded to catch the highest achievement as long as this team joins this competition a few years ago. In this competition, Semar Team sent their two precious cars, namely Semar Proto Electric and Semar Urban Gasoline.

Semar Proto Electric who join this competition for the first time shows their fantastic achievement through become the 4th champion for the category of proto battery-electric in Asia and the 1st in South East Asia after compete with 26 other competitors. read more

Dr. Muslim Mahardika wins Best Lecturer in Science & Technology 2017

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM’s lecturer, Muslim Mahardika, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D. was crowned as 1st rank of The Best Lecturer (Dosen Teladan Nasional) in Science and Technology category running at National Awards Gala for Lecturer and Academic Staff, held by Ministry of Research and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI), on Monday (30/10) at Grand Mercure Hotel Harmoni, Jakarta.

Dr. Muslim Mahardika is an expert in non-conventional manufacturing system. His research areas are development of Electric Discharge Machine (EDM), advanced manufacturing system, and development of electric vehicle. He also leads to produce many scientific publications in high-impacted journals and many more scientific conferences. He experiences a structural career as the Head of Master Program in Mechanical Engineering UGM since 2015-now. As a young and talented lecturer, he successfully showed the outstanding achievements in teaching, research, and community development activities, that well presented in the final presentation session. Previously, he was also the winner of UGM The Best Lecturer in 2016. read more

The Achievements Of Team Bimasakti And Team Arjuna In FSAE Japan 2017

Team Bimasakti Pertamina UGM and their car, BM-6 was able to prove their ability as a team by having a significant improvement in the Technical Inspection. BM-6 completed the Technical Inspection in one and a half day. After they completed the Inspection, Team Bimasakti continued their feat by participating in the Dynamic Event. In the Acceleration Event, BM-6 able to completed it in 5,962 second, while in Autocross Event they were able to complete it in approximately 1 minute. Team Bimasakti Pertamina UGM also one of the two team form Indonesia that was able to qualify to Endurance Event, but unfortunately for them, at the 9th lap, BM-6 got an unexpected problem and forced to let go this event without being able to finish it. read more

A Student of Mechanical Engineering of Gadjah Mada University Win a Medal at UISF 2017

Mechanical engineering student of UGM. This time Aditya Pranata , student of mechanical engineering UGM batch 2016 get the opportunity to be the champion in our neighbooring country , Malatsia . Aditya Pranata and the team became the 2nd Runner Up of Badminton Team Event , UISF 2017 (UiTM Interntational Sport Fiesta 2017 ) in Universitas Technology Mara , Shah Alam , Selangor , Malaysia.

In the first row, UGM team could beat the team from Srilanka and goes to the seminifal , in this stage the team faced the UNIKOM Bandung’s team , but Adit and the team hadn’t been  able to pass the final stage and must be satisfied with the bronze medal. read more

UGM Has Achieved an Award in Competition of KOMURINDO Kombat 2017

UGM has achieved an award in competition of Komurindo Kombat 2017 such as third winner in payload rocket, fourth winner in control system, and best poster in control system. The competition was held on 22-25 August 2017. Agung Fathurrahman, as a chief of GMAT, said that the award was a result of teamwork and good preparation by entire GMAT crews.

Furthermore, when the competition in progress, many teams showed their maximum effort and quality. That things could be a challenged for GMAT team.  In other hand, GMAT also got some problems as technical trouble in payload division or control system trouble. read more

GAMAFORCE UGM Team Got 3rd Place on UAV International Competition

Ankara – Gamaforce UGM team had succeeded to show their best performance in Ankara, Turki by reaching the 3rd Place in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) International on fixed wing category. The competition was held on July 13-16 2017. This victory was the result of the hardwork which began in March to prepare everything for UAV competition. The preparation time was just as much as student money on end days of every month which means very little preparation time. Rifyal Garda Prambudi as a team leader of Gamaforce UGM expressed that his team also collided with unforeseen obstacles. For example, UAV rudder and some parts were broken when on the flight to Turki, so they got extra work to fix the problems. read more

GMRT Team Becomes General Champion Of National KRI 2017

Universitas pendidikan Indonesia has been recorded that GMRT UGM team out as overall champion of Indonesia National Robot Competition, known as Kompetisi Robot Indonesia (KRI), 2017 for the first time throughout participation. This general KRI champion tittle becomes the new beginning for GMRT team with spirit and passion which are more effervesce .

This year KRI runs more fierce than before. As Stated by Ahmad Kholid Kartiyoso as GMRT team leader that  rivalry in this competition is mostly smooth or there are no domination from either universities, underdog teams are brave to show off. Because of that, GMRT team got fierce rivalries from various universities such as ITS, PENS, Akprind, UMM, Unisula, UNY, etc.. This fierce competition makes this general KRI champion tittle to be very prestigious tittle for GMRT team. read more

GMRT Snatched Some of Great Achievements in National Level of KRI 2017

GMRT participated in a national robot competition, named KRI 2017 Region 3. There were 4 types of competition that being contested in this competition, they were Art of Dancing (KRSTI), Fire fighter/ extinguisher (KRPAI), Soccer (KRSBI), and Abu Robocon (KRAI). Eventually due to extraordinary effort and spirit that the team gave on the competition, GMRT snatched some of great achievements, such as 1st place in KRSTI(Alfan Team), 3rd place in KRPAI(Alfatih team), the best strategy nomination for wheeled KRSBI (Fukuro Team), 3rd place in KRAI (HEROES Team), and the last one is the best design nomination for KRAI (HEROES Team). read more

MECC American B52 Bomber’s Team Achieve 1st Winner Mechanical Modelling ITS

Blessed expression was showed on Wira Irawan (Mechanical Engineering 2015), Adil Rasyidi (Mechanical Engineering 2015), and Haryo Bagus Budiawan (Mechanical Engineering 2015) due to their success of getting the first winner on Mechanical Modelling Competition, Mechanical City ITS. Mechanical Modelling Competition is a contest who has been conducted by Mechanical Engineering of ITS and it is a part of annual Mechanical City Competition. Mechanical Modelling Competition by theme “Innovative Ideas for Paddle Wheel Aerator to Optimize Fisheries Product” was conducted this year. Because Paddle Wheel Aerator that currently distributed is not a local product therefore required an innovation from college student to innovate Paddle Wheel Aerator which already existed. Paddle wheel aerator that was enclosed on this competition got innovation on aerator’s surface angle that has furrow to create a turbulence and manufactured by 3D printing’s method. read more