Sharing with Mechanical Engineering Class of ’77

Situated in Assembly Room 1, was held Sharing Session with Mechanical Engineering class of ’77 that gave the opportunity for the class of ’77 to share their experiences with current students of Mechanical Engineering.

Held from 8.00-11.30 a.m., the event was opened by greetings from the MC and continued with the representative of ME class of ’77, mr. Suhanan as one of the lecturers of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Departement of Universitas Gadjah Mada, and followed by another greeting by mr. Fauzun as Secretary of Mechanical Engineering study program.

After the greetings, each representative of SERUNI entered the sharing session which is the main event and was moderated by Prof. Harwin Septoadi, with three main topics: oil & gas, manufacture and managerial. The alumni of year ’77 explains the benefits of non-curricular activities, application of studies in working life, the specialities of study in work life, how to deal with work competition later in life and the cruciality of teamwork between engineers and non engineers and the need of each other. the sharing session then continues with question and answer session by three enthusiastic participants, and after all the questions has been answered, thus ended the SERUNI with a word or two by the Head of Departement of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada, Prof. M. Noer Ilman. With this event, we hoped that all that was shared by the ’77 alumni can be beneficial to all participants.


(Writter : LG)
(Translator : RDW)



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