Research topics of energy conducted in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering are related to energy extraction and conversion of chemical and thermal to mechanical or electrical forms of energy with the emphasize on energy efficiency and renewable resources that find their applications in power systems, industrial processes and their impact on energy policy. Specific topics include the followings :

• Combustion, gasification and pyrolysis
• Internal combustion engines and engine systems design
• Renewable energy (geothermal, bioenergy, wind, solar thermal)
• Advanced power cycles
• Metal fuels
• Energy policy
• Waste-to-energy
• Analysis of power plants

Selected Publications
M. Syamsiro, H. Saptoadi, T. Norsujianto, S. Cheng, Z. Alimuddin, K. Yoshikawa. Fuel Oil Production from Municipal Plastic Wastes in Sequential Pyrolysis and Catalytic Reforming Reactors. Energy Procedia (2014) 47:180-188.

H. Saptoadi, T.A. Rohmat, Sutoyo. Combustion of char from plastic wastes pyrolysis. Proceedings of The 3rd Aun/Seed-Net Regional Conference on Energy Engineering and The 7th International Conference on Thermofluids. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2015.

D.A. Himawanto, Indarto, H. Saptoadi, T.A. Rohmat. Thermogravimetric Analysis of Single-Particle RDF Combustion. Modern Applied Science (2013)7(11):33-42.

D.A. Himawanto, Indarto, H. Saptoadi, T.A. Rohmat. Thermogravimetric Analysis and Global Kinetics of Segregated MSW Pyrolysis. Modern Applied Science (2012)1:120-130.

T. Obara, J. Sentanuhady, Y. Tsukada, S. Ohyagi. Reinitiation process of detonation wave behind a slit-plate. Shock Waves (2008)18:117–127.