Ir. Alva Edy Tontowi, M.Sc, Ph.D.



Research Interest

  1. Development of composite materials based on Amorphous polymers, Crystalline polymers, Metals, Biomaterials.
  2. Development of Printable Biomaterials for Medical Applications
  3. Mechanics of materials relevant to Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing applications
  4. Development of Additive Manufacturing Methods: Modeling and Experiment
  5. Medical Product Design and Development


Honors and Awards

Satyalancana Karya Satya 20 Years, the Indonesian Government



Ir.                    Mechanical Engineering                    Gadjah Mada University,Indonesia, 1986

MSc.               Engineering Design & Economic       University of Wales-Swansea-UK, 1995


Ph.D                Rapid Prototyping and                        University of Leeds-UK, 2000


Post-doc          Rapid Prototyping                              University of Leeds-UK


Membership in Professional Organization

  1. Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII) DIY, 2016– present
  2. Member of Masyarakat Standariisasi Indonesia/MASTAN, 2016 – present
  3. Member of A2K3-DIY, 2011-present
  4. Member of Society for Biomaterials, 2014 – present


Research and Publications

  1. Design of Factory Facility for Fabrication Cardiovascular Stent (Funded by DIKTI), 2016
  2. Design of Biocomposite [HA/PMMA/Sericin] Pasta Extruder for 3D-Bioprinter (Funded by DTMI UGM), 2016
  3. Redesign of Horse Shoe for Better Coefficient of Friction (Funded by TTG LPPM UGM), 2016
  4. Development of Printable Biocomposite of HA/Bioplastic/Sericin (Funded by PUPT UGM), 2015 - 2016
  5. Development of Pasta Deposition for 3D Printer (Funded by JTMI UGM), 2014
  6. Fabrication of Biocomposite Filament [bHA/Bioplastic] for 3D Printer Feeder (Funded by JTMI UGM), 2013
  7. Design of Cardiovascular Stent (Funded by PUPT-Biomedik DIKTI), 2012-2015
  8. Fabrication of Synthetic Hard Tissue Using HA-based Material (Funded by Stranas DIKTI), 2012-2013
  9. Tontowi, A.E., 2016, Desain Produk Inovatif dan Inkubasi Bisnis Kompetitif, UGM Press, Yogyakarta.
  10. Tontowi, A.E., Perkasa, D.P., Siswomihardjo, W. and Darwis, D., 2016, Effect of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Blending and Gamma Irradiation on Compressive Strength of [FHAp/FGel] Composite as Candidate of Scaffold, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.8, No.1, pp.108-116.
  11. Tontowi, A.E. and Putra, D.A., 2015, Effect of Sericin in [HA/Bioplastic] Composite Composed by 2k Factorial Design Method on Solidification Time and Tensile Strength, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.7, No.5, pp.1943-1951.
  12. Tontowi, A.E., Dwi, I.S. and Triyono, J., 2015, Study on a Layered Photocomposite of Hydroxyapatite-Bioplastic-Camphorquinone Composed by Response Surface Method, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.10, No.13, pp.32951-32958.
  13. Tontowi, A.E., Darmo, S., Suyitno and Mahardika, M., 2015, Mechanical Properties and Reliability of Glass-Aluminium Composite as Insert Mold, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol.4, Issue 6, pp.485-495.
  14. Tontowi, A.E., Kuswanto, D., Sihaloho, R.I., A. and Sosiati, H., 2015, Composite of [HA/PMMA] for 3D Printer Material Application, Proceeding of ICST 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  15. Tontowi, A.E., Pratama, I., Hariawan, H., Rinastiti, M. and Siswomihardjo, W., 2015, Strength and Displacement of Open Cell Design of Coronary Stent in Responding of Various Inflated Pressures, Proceeding of ICICI-BME 2015, Bandung, Indonesia.
  16. Suharyanti, Y. and Tontowi, A.E., 2015, Market Response as a Function of Design, Competition and Sociopolitical Condition: an Empirical Model, Procedia Manufacturing, Elsevier, No.04, pp. 261-269.
  17. Tontowi, A.E., Perkasa, D.P., Mahulauw, A. and Erizal, 2014, Experimental Study on NanoBiocomposite of [nHA/Bioplastic] for Building a Porous Block Scaffold, Proceeding of International Conference-NANOCON014, Pune, India.
  18. Sunyoto, Tontowi, A.E., Siswomihardjo, W., Rochmadi, 2014, The Effect of Gelatin Solution Viscosity Related to Flowability Head Printer, International Journal of Materials Sciences, Vol.9, No.1, pp.1-7.
  19. Ma’ruf, M.T., Siswomihardjo, W., Soesatyo, M.N.H.E. and Tontowi, A.E., 2014, Biodegradation Study of Polyvinyl Alchohol-Hydroxyapatite Composite with Catgut Fibers as Biodegradable Bone Plates, International Journal of Materials Sciences, Vol.9, No.1, pp. 9-18.
  20. Darmo, S., Tontowi, A.E., Suyitno and Mahardika, M., 2013, Aluminium Particulate Glass Matrix Composites with Acrylic Binder for a Plastic Injection Mold Material, International Journal of Materials Science, Vol.8, No.2, pp.57-78.
  21. Triyono, J., Tontowi, A.E., Siswomihardjo, W., Rochmadi, 2013, Tensile Strength Test of Biocomposite for Application in Biomedical Materials, International Conference-UTM Malaysia on Applied Mechanics and Materials (October 2013).
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Service Activities

  1. UBD ( University of Bina Dharma ), Guest lecturer, Product Design, Palembang-Indonesia, 2016
  2. LPPM UGM, Workshop, Innovation & Technology for Designing of Craft Product Industry, Yogyakarta-Indonesia., 2016
  3. LPPM UGM, Workshop, Problem Identification & Ideas Generation for Research Proposal, , Yogyakarta-Indonesia., 2016
  4. LIPI, Seminar of Metallurgy Materials in Conjuntion with the 3rd Biomaterials Conference, Bonegraft with Future, Jakarta-Indonesia. 2015
  5. Department of Mechanical Engineering Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Workshop, Roadmap of Research in Biomedical Engineer , Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2015
  6. LPPM UGM, Workshop, Idea Shopping in Research, Yogyakarta- Indonesia, 2015
  7. Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Technology Yogyakarta, Workshop, Industrial Engineering in Medical World, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2015
  8. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering UGM, Workshop, Design and Additive Manufacturing of Biomaterials and Human Organ,Yogyakarta-Indonesia., 2015
  9. The NanoCON014, International Conference, Future Biomaterials for Manufacturing Synthetic Bone Tissue, Pune-India, 2014
  10. PT Datascrip, 3D Documentation: A Robust Way for Delivering Better View, Jakarta-Indonesia, 2014
  11. HMF-FMIPA Gadjah Mada University, Workshop, Nano-Technology for Supporting Our Everyday Life, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2014
  12. LPPM Gadjah Mada University, Workshop, Idea Shopping in Research, April 2014, Yogyakarta-Indonesia.
  13. Balai Besar Karet, Kulit dan Plastik (BBKKP) Department of Industry Republic of Indonesia, Bioplastic as A Composite Matrix, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2014
  14. Disperindagkop-Sleman District, Workshop, Standardization of Apropriate Technology Products,Yogyakarta- Indonesia, 2013
  15. BAPPEDA DIY, The Role of DRD-DIY on Implementation of Innovation for Building Prosperity in Yogyakarta Special District, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2013
  16. LPPM Gadjah Mada University, Workshop, Green Production Processes,Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2013
  17. Tontowi, A.E., 2013, Desain Produk Inovatif, Deepublish, Yogyakarta.
  18. Tontowi, A.E. and Armis, 2012, Gama-Hip Prosthesis, Ditjen HKI (P001xx).
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  20. Tontowi, A.E., Siswomihardjo, W., Sunarityas, Herliansyah, M.K., 2015, Desain INA-Stent, Ditjen HKI (P00xx).


Personal Development



Non-academic Experience