Handover Ceremony of KMTM and HMTI

handover of the management of Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Mesin (KMTM) and Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri (HMTI) UGM was handed over from 2016 management year to 2017 management year. This event was attended by representatives from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Prof. Noer Ilman, Mr. Sugiyono, Mr. Kusmono, Mr. Budi Hartono, KMTM or HMTI daily management in 2016 or 2017, and representatives from KM / HM throughout Faculty of Engineering Gadjah Mada University.

At first, this event was opened by singing the song of Indonesia Raya and Hymne Gadjah Mada as a form of nationalism and pride of Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University. After that, proceeded the speech from the chairman of KMTM and HMTI from the previous period. Then the main event was the readings of KMTM and HMTI management oath. The reading of this oath, at the same time, was the inauguration of KMTM and HMTI management.

This handover ceremony was then continued by the welcome of KMTM 2017 chairman by Ryan Wiratama and the welcome of HMTI 2017 chairman by Bonifatius Bramantya W. The last remarks were from Prof. Noer Ilman who is thankful for the achievements KMTM and HTMI 2016 have given and emphasized the importance of improving the softskill, academic and rules in DTMI so that students always obey. After the remarks from Mr. Prof. Noer Ilman, the event then followed by the signing ceremony and cutting tumpeng, and as closing the series of ceremonial handover ceremony was recited prayer.

Here is a list of KMTM UGM daily management:

Chairman                                                                                             : Ryan Wiratama Bhaskara

Vice Chairman                                                                                    : Thomas Tri Hari Prihantoro

1st Secretary                                                                                         : Sidiqi Saras Utami

2nd Secretary                                                                                       : Dhika Dixiana

1st Treasurer                                                                                        : Billy Antori Putra

2nd Treasurer                                                                                       : Herawati Dyah Prasetyorini

Head of DomesticityDepartment                                                    : Nanda Dhiyan Maulana

Head of Student Affairs Department                                             : Laksatya Wirawan

Head of Academic Division                                                              : Ivan Chaijaya

Head of HRD Department                                                               : Adrianus Prabowo Guritno

Head of Competition Division                                                        : Eduardus Galih Putranto

Head of Public Relations Department                                          : Anindityo Agung Baskoro

Head of Internal Public Relations Division                                 : Muhammad Faishal Fakhri W.

Head of External Public Relations Division                                : Labib Alif Ichsanuddin

Head of Alumni Public Relations Division                                  : Rahman Adi Nugroho

Head of Infotek Department                                      : Praberta Ardi Wibowo

Head of Propulsi Division                                           : Muhamad Miftahul Azhar

Head of MECC Division                                              : Irfan Naufal Prakasita

Head of MEEC Division                                              : Ambrosius Hario Sudono Putranto

Head of KWU Department                                         : Kahfiendra Nugrahasatya

Head of Interest and Talent Department              : Arinta Budhi Nugraha

Head of PAKSIMA Division                                     : Mukti Nugraha

Head of PALAMEGA Division                                 : Farakhan Sibli B

Head of Sports Division                                            : Dimas Bayu Saputra

Head of Music Room Division                                 : Miaga Setyawan

Head of Supporter Mesin UGM Division              : Ahmad Kholid Kartiyoso


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